Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Job

I’ve changed jobs. Actually, I changed jobs some time back (April to be specific) but I have more or less forgotten about this blog in the interim.

So I’m no longer with I don’t want to even get into the reasons why I left. It would just remind me how unhappy I was there.

For the time being, I’m contracting for a company called PodShow. It was co-founded by Adam Curry, who was one of the early VJs at MTV. He’s an interesting guy but he lives with his family in London most of the time so he’s not often in the office. The other co-counder - Ron Bloom - basically runs the company. The two of them got very rich with their first start-up, Think New Ideas, which I believe they sold for $400 million.

Marc Frochtzweig and Stephen Rodriguez were two excellent product designers that I worked with at Tagged and they both moved to PodShow. They in turn brought me in. Ostensibly, I was going to be working on creating some address book importers for the big webmail providers (e.g. gmail, hotmail). I had just spent a lot of time doing similar work for Tagged so I was pretty versed in the way the webmail providers worked.

Before starting however, I took a vacation to Amsterdam and when I came back, they were more interested in having me design an email sending system. From there, I moved on to other administration tools and that’s basically become my domain.

Apparently, PodShow is interested in making me a full-time engineer but so far, they’ve failed to make it happen. They pay me awfully damn well as a contractor though so I’m not really complaining. But I bet I’ll change my tune come April 15th.

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