Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HP 35s

I've been wanting another RPN calculator to use at work so after months of ignoring the HP35s that was sitting in my Amazon wish list, I finally ponied up and bought one.

It arrived today and boy is it disappointing. I don't know if it's supposed to harken back to HP's glory days but its RPN mode is pretty hobbled. The stack is only 4 levels deep(!) and the top and bottom positions clone when the stack is shifted up and down. Very annoying and quite different from the HP that I bought about 15 years ago (and still use at home).

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Noel Causerano said...

Sure, I share your thoughts also. I use a HP48G+ calculator on a day to day basis and none of my new models come up to the quality of these older models.

However I believe you should be applicative of the fact that HP is the only calculator manufacturer to offer RPN and we should consider ourselves fortunate that we can still buy HP Calculators today, regardless of their quality issues.

Here is a good article which I’m sure you’ll find of interest:

Kind Regards

Noel Causerano
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