Thursday, March 01, 2007

iTerm goes full screen

I started using iTerm pretty regularly at work a few months ago because it supported multiple tabs. I flirted with the program long before that but it seemed too unstable back then so I gave it up and went back to The stability has improved a lot since then but there has always been one feature I found missing: full screen support.

Until now.

I didn't even notice when it happened but the most recent versions of iTerm now sport a great full screen mode.

Like a lot of programmers (and sysadmins) I spend a good deal of time working in a terminal. At work, a lot of us do. The crowd seems to be split between:

  1. those who think full-screen mode is the coolest thing since screensavers
  2. those who make fun of the first group

I'm such a fan of full-screen mode that I've long kept GLTerminal on my machine just for those instances where I want to work in a terminal without any distractions.

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